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Universal PCI Cards

Most PCI bus slots on current mainboards still use the 5V signalling scheme. The Universal-PCI bus cards also support operation in PCI slots for 3.3V signals. The type of slot is coded by the key bar in the slot, 3.3V slots block older 5V only cards from insertion. The 3.3V signals are mostly used in PCI-X type slots. Current mainboards with PCI Express typically provide 5V PCI, so these cards fit as well.

  VScom Line (High performance serial cards for Universal PCI)
VScom 200H v4 UPCI (2x RS-232)
VScom 800H UPCI (8x RS-232)
VScom 011H UPCI (1x LPT bidirectional,EPP/ECP)
VScom 100L UPCI (1x RS-232)
VScom 210L UPCI (2x RS-232 and 1x LPT)
VScom 430L SP PCI (4x RS-232, 3 x LPT bidirectional)
VScom 800I UPCI (8 Port RS232, RS422/485, surge protection)
  Moxa Line
CP-104UL PCI (4 Port RS232)
CP-168U PCI (8 Port RS-232)
CP-134U PCI (4 Port RS422 / 485)
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