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PCI Serial Cards

Following cards add serial and parallel ports to PC systems, as it is required in many applications. Serial ports are used for many purposes, to connect devices to a computer. Label printers, temperature sensors, fax modems are only some examples.
Inserting Add-on cards into a computer is the "classical way" to extend the capabilities of an existing system. Now many installations use USB to perform this, or directly operate via networks. But some installations - especially with industrial PC - still use add-on cards.
The VScom cards are provided for PCI Express, standard PCI and even models for old-fashioned ISA bus are still available. Drivers exist for Windows and Linux. Since the ports are compatible to classic solutions, many other OS are supported also.
The ports on VScom cards are always constructed to yield better options than the average port on the market. Higher speed, more ports, more flexibility was always a target in development. And even the old models still are in the top range of available solutions.

  PCI Express Cards (For modern add-on slots)
VScom 200E v4 PCIex (2x RS-232)
VScom 400E v4 PCIex (4x RS-232)
CP-168EL-A PCIe (8x RS-232)
VScom 200Ei PCIex (2x RS232, RS422/485)
CP-132EL-I PCIex (2x RS422/485, optical isolation)
  Universal PCI Cards (For 3.3V (PCI-X) and 5V PCI bus slots)
VScom Line (High performance serial cards for Universal PCI)
Moxa Line
  Mini PCI Express Cards (Internal Add-on)
USB-COM Plus mPCIe New (mPCIe to 1x RS232/422/485 port (DSub-9 male))
USB-CAN Plus mPCIe (Converter mPCIe 2.0 to CAN Bus)
VS-7600 4G World New (mPCIe LTE card worldwide use)
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