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Vision Systems' new technical service!

Software Engineering is a new service for system integrators and manufacturers. Our goal is to support your projects with our expertise in area of operating and embedded systems. The synergy of in-depth knowledge of operating systems and hardware know-how can be a significant advantage for your projects and significantly shorten the time to market. Our long time experience in Linux, Windows CE and Linux can be now on your request.


Why do you need our service for system software?

- Shorter time to market time through
   Direct contact to hardware manufacturer. Long time
   experience in software development for different

- Feasible solutions through
   . Our interactive help during design and development
   . Our hardware know-how: ARM, x86, AMD64, various
   . Our operating system know-how: Windows
     (driver, services, GUI), Linux, X11

- Successful deployment through
   Lifecycle support

- Protection of your intellectual property through NDA

- Lower cost of project through outsourcing of work and
  one-time knowledge.


What do we offer?

Our Services
  • Driver development for Windows platforms
    We make our knowledge in developing Windows drivers available for you. We develop drivers for Windows 9x, Windows 2000 and newer as well as Vista. You give us your hardware description and driver functionality description and we write your driver for the target system.

  • Development of BSPs for Windows CE 4.2 and newer
    If you need CE support for your new board or an IPC system, we create a BSP and test it for you.

  • System integration of Windows CE for new hardware platforms
    If your CE project based on an existing BSP need help in configuration, driver setup and more, we can provide this for you. Your software engineers can focus on your application

  • Driver development for Linux
    We change or write new drivers to support your hardware. If desired, we also send changes to kernel maintainers.

  • Driver development for X11
    Drivers for your VGA card and changes in existing drivers. If wished, we send changes to XOrg or XFree consortium. If TV, Mpeg or hardware acceleration we can provide it for you

  • - Development for eCos
    eCos integration for your hardware.

  • Software development for ARM, X86, AMD64 and more

  • Tools and scripts programming

  • Network programming: TCP/IP, HDLC and more.

  • C, C++, C#, Java, Assembler, Fortran, Pascal and more

  • Tests

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