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Where to Buy?

Call Us : +49 40 528 401 0
Vision Systems GmbH
Fax. +49 40 528 401 99
Address. Aspelohe 27A D-22848 Norderstedt, Germany


Our Business Teritory - European Community



Vision Systems, a leading company in Germany, delivers a broad range of Industrial PC and Data Communication products. With over 12 years excellent experience, Vision Systems became one of the major player in European market.



Visions Systems is continously making efforts to offer industrial PC and data communication products with excellent quality/price ratio to serve european customers.




Shipment Options you may choose from



There are a few basic options for delivery to customers. Please select one of these, and let us know. Option A.1 is the fast and proven standard method.
In all options the recipient is responsible for customs documents required to import into the destination country.
  1. UPS
    1. Using our Account
    2. Billing on customers Account
    We provide the customs documents to export from Germany / European Community.
  2. DHL
    1. DHL Express billing on customers Account
    2. DHL Paket to the European Community
      Available for all business cases.
    3. DHL Paket International to non-EC countries
      Orders limited to EUR 900
    As with UPS we provide the customs documents to export from Germany / European Community.
  3. FedEx on customers Account
    We let you know when the products are ready for shipping and inform you about the package(s), i.e. we tell weight and size.
    Using your Account with FedEx you order to pick up the packages. By this you get the documents from FedEx to perform delivery. You immediately send them to us, we print them and the shipment is ready.
    FedEx will fetch it from our office.
    As before we provide the customs documents to export from Germany / European Community.
  4. Pick-Up This option is available for certain countries only!
    The customer completely organizes shipment on his own.
    The customer is responsible for
    1. preparing customs documents to export from Germany / European Community.
    2. order a freight forwarder of his choice to fetch the products from our office.
    3. send the forwarder-specific documents to us for printing.
    Vision Systems provides the commercial invoice and necessary copies of this. We also provide informations to the customer, which are required to create the customs documents.
    We handle this option as if the customer personally takes the products from our office. And he or she will carry the packages. Of course a forwarder is ordered to do this on behalf of the customer.
    Our duty for shipment is completed when the packages leave through our doors. At that point customs has not been involved, hence the complete responsibility is on the side of the customer.


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