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Around Europe, Vision Systems GmbH, highest quality products, excellent technical supports and intelligent Industrial PC and Serial Connectivity Solutions help customers simplify the applications of data communication, making the tasks easier and systems more efficient for system-integrator, for saving customers both time and money.

Vision Systems offers various solutions and our sales and R&D personnel work closely to help you make the best selections for your applications in Serial Connectivity, Industrial PC, Software Engineering and OEM/ODM projects demands. Meet and exceed your business goals with a wide range of solutions that help you get the most value from your development at every investment.

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Data Communication

Solutions & Applications


Modbus Protocol

Translate Modbus/TCP to Modbus/RTU
Protocol Gateways for Modbus connect existing serial devices to Ethernet and WLAN. Examples for typical installations.


Secure Remote Access (via Cloud Servers)
viaVPN for secure (encrypted and protected) Remote Access via Internet. Achievable with dedicated Routers or options in the NetCom/NetCAN Plus and Baltos systems.

Protocol Tunnel

Connect CAN Busses via Network (Bridging Mode)
NetCAN connects separated CAN busses via networks using TCP/IP


OpenVPN Secure Tunnel
Use VPN based data transfers as the ability to encrypt all your data...

Industrial PC

Solutions & Applications



Car PC
Enable GPS and GPRS communication capability


Networking Firewall
Protects your Network and Servers


Solutions & Applications



Replacement of Serial Networks
Use free programmable VS-OpenNetCom for intelligent Interconnection

Output over LAN

Line Printer Support
Printserver with Line Printer Daemon Protocol (LPD RFC1197)
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