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Date : Jun, 2006
Our Products : VS-Wall CI852A | VS-Wall 5620 |
Software Partner : IPCop

Vision Systems Fanless Embeded IPC Systems provide ideal hardware platforms for professional Firewall Software, such as IPCop of GPL Linux. Four physically independent Ethernet ports (10/100 Mbit) allow you to segment your whole Network into four regions:
(RED) directly connected to untrusted Internet
(ORANGE) the DMZ zone for Internet Servers
(GREEN) the internal protected LAN
(BLUE) the internal protected Wireless LAN

The hardware platform guarantees fast data transmission while IPCop software routes, filters and inspects incoming and outgoing IP packages.
Firewall VS-Wall 9927, Vision System IPC application

VS-Wall 9927 uses the Linux Firewall Distribution IPCop under GPL license. The licence free software is installed on Compact Flash and is preconfigured for easy configuration of four Network segments: an untrusted Red Network for Internet access, a trusted Green Network for LAN, a Orange Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) for server operation and additionally a separate Blue Network for WLAN-Access-Point. Users can easily change routing and Firewall configuration by a Web-Frontend connected from Green Network to meet their individual needs. Also secure remote access can be implemented.

IPCop Software runs a normal 2.4 Linux Kernel so advanced users can control even more features. Rich options for configuring, routing and filtering of IPCop software toghether with a highly reliable hardware platform make VS-Wall 9927 the first choice for Firewall solutions in enterprise field and even in raw environments, such as Factory Automation, Telecomunication, Building Automation and Transportation.
Firewall VS-Wall 9927


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