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Wiring and Mounts

Connection and Mounting options for VScom products. Adapters for DSub9 connectors optimize for RS422/485 transmission or change RS232 connectors from male to female and vice versa.
Cables for eight port serial cards or certain connectors by RJ45 serve as adapters to give the usual serial connectors DSub9 and DSub25.

Finally there are mounting options, especially for the small cases used in NetCom Plus and USB-COM Plus single and double port models.

DB9 to Terminal Block
DB9 to RJ45
DB9 Null-Modem
DB9 Cables
DB25 Cables
DK-35A (DIN-Rail Mounting Kit)
WK-NCP (Wall Mount Kit)
DK-NCP (DIN-Rail Rear Kit)
DSK-NCP New (DIN-Rail Side Kit)
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