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VSCom Serial Device Server

VSCom Serial Device servers are small computers, which allow you to connect existing RS232 or RS422/485 devices to Ethernet and Internet.
Netcom servers are equiped with CPU, memory, realtime OS and TCP/IP protocols to bidirectionally translate data between serial interfaces and TCP/IP sockets.
NetCom servers used in driver mode make a remote serial port to act as a virtual local COM port. In this mode your original software application can directly control remotely located devices, such as data collection systems, over network. The existing application behaves in the same way as with a locally connected serial device.
NetCom servers are easily configured over WEB browser, driver panels, Telnet, serial port, SNMP. NetCom servers offer a transparent serial connection without platform and distance limitation.

The NetCom Plus Serial Device Server offer a special option to use viaVPN. This system provides for secure but easy-to-use Remote Access via Internet and Cloud Servers.

  NetCom Plus (NetCom Plus Serial Device Server)
1 Port
2 Ports
4 Ports
8 and 16 Ports
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