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> USB-4COMi-M (646)

Main Features

  • Phased Out, no longer available
  • Metal case
  • DIN-Rail mountable
  • RS422/485 DB9 male port
  • Speed up to 3000 kbps
  • external power supply

Vscom USB-4COMi-M, an USB to 4 x RS422/485 serial port converter DB9 connector


(Replaced by USB-4COM Plus)

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Vscom USB-4COMi-M, an USB to 4 x RS422/485 serial port converter DB9 connector
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Serial ports on USB allow further use of existing devices, even when the computer doesn't offer serial ports.
The high speed serial port with the 128 byte FIFO allow high speed communication, even in heavy loaded systems. Unique features reduce the system load. The serial port also allows unusual speed settings like 500.000bps.

  Hardware Specifications

Serial interface

  • 4 x RS422/485 configured by DIP switch
  • Speed up to 3000 kbps
  • Connector 4 x DB9 male

Available Modes

  • RS422 full duplex
  • RS485 4-wire, full duplex
  • RS485 2-wire, half duplex, with echo
  • RS485 2-wire, half duplex, without echo


  • RS422: Tx+/-, Rx+/-, RTS+/-, CTS+/-, GND
  • RS485 4-wire: Tx+/-, Rx+/-, GND
  • RS485 2-wire: Data+/-, GND

USB Interface

USB 2.0

  • Self powered
  • External power supply 5V DC required.
  • Adapter included
  • 12V DC not possible.


  • Windows 2000 to Windows 10 (x86 and x64)
  • Windows Server 2000 to 2012 (x86 and x64)
  • Linux (Kernel 2.6 built-in, 2.4 available)

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  Ordering Information

Part Number


Product Name


Packing list

  • VScom USB-4COMi-M Adapter
  • USB cable 0,9m
  • Power Adapter

Optional Accessories

DK 35A DIN-Rail mounting kit


  • 167×99×29 mm³ (W×L×H)
  • 189×102×30 mm³ with DB9 connectors and ears

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