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Main Features

  • 3-slot PCI-Bus backplane for 3 PCI half-size cards
  • 70-Watt UL, CSA, VDE, CE approved power supply
  • Capable of housing one 2.5" harddisk drive
  • One 4cm fan with removeable air filter(flow in)
  • Supercompact and rugged
  • Dimension 96mm x 214m




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3-slot PCI-Bus backplane for 3 half-size cards (185mm x 122mm)


Heavy duty steel

LED Indicators

Built-in Power LED indicator and HDD activity indicator

Paint Color

Industrial gray

Disk Drive Housing

Capable of housing one 2.5" HDD

Power Supply

- Maximum Output 70 Watts
- Output Voltage and Current Rating +5V @ 12A, +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 0.3A
- AC Input Voltage 85VAC to 270V AC
- Safty Standarts UL, CSA, VDE Standarts


96(w) x 214(h) x 215(d) mm

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Packing List

  • Industrial PC Case with PCI Bus backplane
  • Power Cord EU 230V AC
  • Wall Mounting rails
  • Internal cables

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