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Main Features

  • Terminal Block to DB9 female Adapter
  • 10-clamps Terminal Block
  • Housing with strain relief
  • Connector DSub-9 female
  • Used for RS485/422 cables and CAN bus

Adapter DSub-9 to Terminal Block New



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The DB9F-TO-TB/10 Adapter is plugged into a serial connector DSub-9 male, like Com1 on a PC. The signals located on the Pins then are available on the clamps of a Terminal block.
The signal location is optimized for RS422/485 serial ports and CAN bus on VScom products. GND, Rx+/- and Tx+/- (Data+/- for RS485) are on the clamps. This also applies to CAN bus CAN_H and CAN_L signals.
The housing provides for isolation and strain relief on the cables, additional screws easily fix the adapter to a DSub-9 male connectors. Use without housing is possible for frequent access to the terminal block.



Terminal Block Adapter, converts DSub-9 male to 10-clamp Terminal block.
Accessory for Serial Device Server or USB to Serial Devices (Industrial Plus Line)
The 10-clamp allows use of CAN bus cables as well.


  • RS232: RxD/TxD, RTS/CTS, DCD/DTR, DSR, RI, GND/Shield
  • RS422: Tx+/-, Rx+/-, GND/Shield
  • RS485: Data+/-, GND/Shield
  • CAN Bus:CAN_H/CAN_L, CAN_GND/Shield

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W / L / H: 35mm × 57mm × 15mm



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  Ordering Information



Packing List

  • DSub9-female adapter
  • Fixing screws to DSub9-male
  • Strain relief clip and screws

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