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Open Source Software in VScom Products
Some families of VScom products use Open Source Software to fulfill part of their functions. There are the
  • NetCom Plus series
  • ModGate Plus series
  • NetCAN Plus series
The main licenses involved are the GNU General Public Licence version 2 (GPLv2) and the GNU Lesser General Public Licence version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1). You'll find the relevant text of those licenses by following the provided hyperlinks. In part there are similar public licenses involved.
The mentioned licenses grant certain rights to the recipient of the product, i.e. to you the customer. This involves to receive the source code -- including possible modifications by VScom -- for the program components covered by these licenses. This page provides the source code by means of a download option.

Also there is the series of Baltos products, these are designed to operate Linux. Following precompiled images can be obtained for Baltos systems:
  • Debian
  • OpenWrt
The patches and configuration for both the Linux kernel and bootloaders as also building scripts are available in our GitHub repositories: onrisc_br_bsp, vscom-elbe, openwrt-setup and onrisc-target. The images use Open Source Software licensed under various Open Source licenses or Public Domain.

On Debian the texts of the common licenses can be found under /usr/share/common-licenses. License information for specific packages can be found on Debian's package data base.

OpenWrt provides all package sources on their FTP server. The source file archives also provide related license information. Here is the main OpenWrt license.

The series of
  • VPN Routers and
  • viaVPN Routers
are derived from the Baltos systems by installation of a dedicated firmware. The base of this is OpenWrt, hence the related licenses apply.

Here are the files for download …


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